Performance Optimization

Get your site running at optimum performance

  • Reduce load and increase speed through correctly configured page caching
  • CDN setup/deployment for optimum global delivery
  • Script optimization

New "all-in-one" package to take the guesswork out of deciding which package to order

This package aims to improve on the weaknesses of earlier plans - lack of clarity about which plan was right for you, lack of visibility over what was done, and lack of information on how to keep on top of these items going forward. This "all-in-one" plan aims to improve your site's load time, improve metrics in tools such as Google's PageSpeed Insights, reduce render time, improve site security and durability, as well as reducing bloat and potential bugs which may be introduced as a result of plugins and other code

We will audit your site and take or advise you of necessary actions to improve performance, security, and scalability.

Important note before ordering:
  • Due to other operational commitments only one optimization plan will be able to be scheduled per week. Scheduling will be done at most 4 weeks in advance (i.e. it will only be permissible for 4 optimization projects to be active/scheduled at any one time to prevent a backlog and avoiding any situations where someone might not be able to have their optimization completed until many weeks later).
  • Stock levels will be re-adjusted each Monday - in the event you wish to acquire the service but are unable to please check back then!
  • Each package is valid for work on one (1) site.
  • As per the above, scheduling of this plan will be done on a first come, first served basis. Your optimization package will be scheduled as soon as possible with a maximum possible delay of 4 weeks.

  • The following list of tasks is meant to serve as an example of services which will be performed. Additional, or completely different tasks might be performed, depending on the needs of your site. Changes will be detailed in a report supplied when the service is completed.

    • Configuration or verification of deployment of WordPress Caching
    • CloudFlare configuration and deployment
    • Script loading optimization
    • WordPress installation hardening
    • Malware check and cleaning
    • Database audit, cleaning and optimization
    • Plugin audit and cleaning
    • Full media library optimization/compression
    • Full post optimization report, including details of actions taken, as well as action points for you, including tips on how to stay on top of site performance going forward.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Simple - if there is no decrease in load time after the tasks are performed, you'll get a full refund

    We aim to get your project completed as soon as possible. Usually this will be within a week or two from date of purchase. In some cases, it may be scheduled for a point within one month from date of purchase

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