Enhanced Backups

Backups are critical to the safety and integrity of your data and we offer full account-level backups by default with all hosting plans.

On all hosting plans from wp-Beginner and above, 12 hourly incremental backups, using a different backups system, are also included (and available as an optional add-on for wp-Budget level plans). These backups are robust and extremely reliable, but the only way to absolutely, 100% guarantee that a site can be fully restored from backup is to manually restore a copy of that site from the backup file.

This is where enhanced backups come in.

We're one of the only providers to offer such a service - once a fortnight we manually take a backup file (in addition to the usual, automatic backups), restore it to a new, remote location and perform multi-point checks against this remote copy.

The copy will also be accessible by you so you can also review the integrity of the restored site and you will also have access to the individual specific backup files stored in the cloud.

Our standard backup services will generally serve most users well but for those who require absolute guaranteed backup integrity - this is a must.

Managed Updates

Never having to worry about needing to update your site to resolve potential plugin security issues, or whether an update is going to crash your site is an enormous relief for many people.

Let us do the heavy lifting - we'll update WordPress core, themes, and plugins for you, but only once we're satisfied that these updates are safe and risk-free. 

Likewise, security/bugfix updates will get applied by us as soon as they're available vastly reducing your risk of being affected by plugin, theme, or core-related vulnerabilities and zero-days.

If the worst happens and an update does cause issues then we've got you covered - we'll set everything straight for you with absolutely zero hassle.


Tech On Tap

Wish you had a helping hand who can do stylistic changes, tweaks, settings changes, installations, setups. Tech On Tap provides just this.

In addition to the managed updates service included in the price, you will be able to make up to 4 task requests per month (a task should not exceed 30 minutes of work).

What's even better is that with this plan, you qualify for a permanent, 20% discount on all other services which will remain in place for as long as you have the Tech On Tap service.

* Includes Managed Updates service by default

** Note that a commitment of one year is required in order to qualify for the recurring 20% discount on all other products.

Enhanced Backups

Save 17%
1 Year @
$ 49 .00 USD /mo
$ 40 .83 USD /mo
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Manually verified backups. Backups will be used to restore a full copy of your site once every two weeks, to absolutely guarantee that the site can be fully restored from a backup. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "rest easy".

WordPress Managed Updates

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Most Popular
Save 17%
1 Year @
$ 19 .99 USD /mo
$ 16 .67 USD /mo
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Managed updates of plugins, themes, and WordPress Core

Security fixing
As needed (near immediate) application of vulnerability patches

Rest easy
Fix/rollback in case something goes wrong

Tech On Tap

Save 17%
1 Year @
$ 129 .00 USD /mo
$ 107 .50 USD /mo
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Includes WordPress Managed Updates service by default!

Up to 4 task requests per month (a task should not exceed 30 minutes of work), and a permanent, recurring 20% discount on all other services (excluding domain registration/renewal/transfer).

*Note that a commitment of one year is required in order to qualify for the recurring 20% discount on all other products
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