How to set up a staging site

This article does not apply to customers with the following hosting plans sWH-1 sWH-2 shA

You can now set up staging sites directly from within WordPress with the use of our hosting add-on. The add-on is free for all accounts on hosting level pWH-1 and above, and is subject to a one-off free for accounts on the pWH-Start level and the legacy plans sWH-1 and sWH-2. The add-on will enable you to create a copy of your site and deploy new themes, plugins, make changes etc. With the press of a button back on the live site you can then import changes from the staging site to the live site. Note that the changes will be merged, so if you've written new posts etc on the live site during the time you were working on the staging site, these new posts will not be overwritten or lost.

1) First access your hosting account product details. To do that, log into your account at and click on the "Services" box, then select your hosting service.

2) If you have previously ordered the add-on then you can skip to step 3. Otherwise, hit the button to order the staging site add-on (depending on your plan it will be free or subject to a one-time charge as mentioned above).

3) Once you have ordered the add-on, then go to "Downloads" on the overview bar

4) Here you'll see instructions for downloading and installing the plugin. Once installed you can go to the plugin settings screen in WordPress and create your staging site!

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