Accessing your email account through the Webmail interface

There are a number of ways of accessing your email. Many people choose to use external mail clients such as Apple Mail or Outlook. You can also configure Gmail to send as and receive through your email account. cPanel includes a number of webmail clients which will allow you to check your email through a browser.

You can access Webmail by browsing to 2096 of your primary platform name, for example:

At this page you can then enter your email address and password to log in.

You can alternatively access Webmail through cPanel:

1) Log in to cPanel (instructions here)

2) Click on "Email Accounts" under the "Email" section:

Accessing your email accounts
3) Scroll down to your email accounts and click on "More" next to the email account you wish to access, and then click on "Access Webmail". You will be automatically logged in to this account.

Logging in to webmail

4) The first time you access webmail on an account, you will need to choose which webmail application to use. Roundcube is by far the most modern and visually appealing client, so I recommend this one:

Choosing your webmail application
5) Click on "Set as default" and then you will be automatically logged in to the email account.

Access to webmail

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