Unblocking your IP address

Your hosting environment is equipped with a robust web application firewall, designed to stop a wide variety of attacks including brute-force attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, unauthorized and malicious code execution, exploitation of previously discovered issues with plugins and themes and a whole lot more.

Firewalls are not infallible however. The rules are created by humans. WordPress, the many plugins available for it and the large number of themes, make the ecosystem very complex. As a result, it is possible that sometimes you will accidentally trigger a rule in the normal course of working on your site. This can also happen if you try repeatedly to log into cPanel or your email account with the wrong credentials.

If your IP becomes blocked your site will likely appear to be down for you. Please note that it is not down for everyone... only visitors from your current IP address (so, you and potentially members of your family on the same network).

To get back into your site/account again you have a couple of options:

1) Usually, simply the act of logging in to your account at WPopt.net will trigger an unban process. The system will automatically attempt to determine and unban your IP. If successful, your IP will be removed from the blacklist within approximately 5 minutes or less.


2) If that does not work, or if you're trying to unban a different IP address (i.e. if you have a virtual assistant who has managed to become blocked) you can visit the unban center. The direct link is below, but you can also get to it from the link on the main dashboard


3) In the unban center, you will see a list of any hosting packages you have. Click the shield icon on the right of the plan you appear to be blocked from and a box will appear. This will be pre-populated with your current IP address (if the system can detect it). If you need to change that IP you may do so. Simply then click "Unban" and you should be good to go.

4) If all else fails, hit us up and we'll help you out!
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