Backups, restoration and recovery (5)
cPanel - Control Panel (30)

How to reset cPanel Password, Filemanager, Cronjobs, Style, etc.

Databases (11)

About how to Create, Edit, Delete Database, or Database Username in cPanel.

DNS - Nameservers (6)

Update Domain Nameservers at, Namecheap, Godaddy, DynaDot, LogicBoxes Based Registrar.

DNS - Zone File Editing (7)
Domain Management (10)

How to Remove, Add, Edit Addon Domain, Parked Domains & Redirect Domain.

Email (5)

How to manage cPanel email

Errors and Troubleshooting (6)
Mail Filters & SPAM (7)

Boxtrap, SpamAssassin, Mail Filter - Prevent Spam.

Others (3)

How to Fix Errors, Create Friendly URL, Page Redirect, etc.

PayPal (7)

Tutorials on PayPal Payment Gateway.

Performance (3)
Security (13)

Password Protected Directory, IP Blacklist, Hotlink Protection, etc.

Setting up Email Clients (23)

Tutorial for setting up email on iOS Apple/Android and desktop devices, etc.

SFTP (3)
SSL (5)

Tutorials on generating CSR, cPanel AutoSSL, SSL/TLS, etc.

Staging Sites (2)
WordPress (19)

Tutorials for WordPress.

WordPress Toolkit

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