New secure password transmissions

 Nov 10th

We have a new password manager! If you need to submit passwords to us for any reason (i.e. for migration purposes or similar) you can now enter and store passwords for any site of your choosing safely and securely in the Password Manager. This can be found under your user menu, or directly here: ... Read More »

No more banned IPs

 Jun 13th

It's happened to a lot of people - you try to log in to cPanel, try the wrong password too many times too quickly and then your IP gets blocked. Then of course not only are you blocked from cPanel but maybe from email and your site as well!Starting today, simply the act of logging in to your account at will be sufficient to unblock your ... Read More »

cPanel Two-Factor Authentication now available!

 Feb 6th

You can now enable two-factor authentication for your cPanel login. Log in to cPanel, click on "Two Factor Authentication" under "Security" and scan the QR code using any Google-Authenticator-compliant app (i.e. Google Authenticator itself, Authy, etc.).

Welcome to safer hosting!

Staging sites are here...

 Feb 5th

WPopt has teamed up with WP Stagecoach to offer staging site capabilities to the hosting line-up.1) Simply sign-up for the staging add-on under your account - log in to your account at and click on "Products". Select your hosting account and click add-ons on the right, or go directly here: ... Read More »

Two-factor authentication now available for your account

 May 12th

Add an additional layer of protection and security to your account. Enable 2FA for your account today. More information can be found in this Knowledge Base article.