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A full, comprehensive health check and resolution service designed to troubleshoot and diagnose any back-end issues which may be negatively affecting your performance, scalability or general site health. (Normal price after January 31st $299.99 for single plan $899.99 for annual plan). Note that due to demand and the time it takes to perform the service we will now be limiting the number of signups each month. In the event you miss the signup window note that signups for the subsequent month will be available a week before the new month.

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What's this, why do I need it?

As years go by sites can often develop issues. These problems may appear benign, but they can sometimes seriously impact performance, scalability or general site health. These issues can be invisible at times of low traffic but rapidly develop into major issues as traffic scales up. You may notice occasional issues yourself - "why does my site sometimes do...".

This plan is designed to take a deep dive into your site's back-end. We aim to identify, and resolve any and all potential or actual issues you may currently be experiencing, regardless of whether you're currently aware of them or not

You'll receive a full report after the initial fact-finding is complete so you know what is going to be changed

What can I expect from this package?

This service is designed specifically to identify and eliminate back-end problems, to ensure you site has no potential technical bottlenecks. It is not designed specifically as a performance optimization plan, although you may well experience some positive performance improvements as a result of the work done. Likewise, it is not designed specifically as any kind of SEO optimization service, although with a clean, happy site you should likewise experience benefits in that area as well

Sounds interesting... what is included?

This can vary from site to site but here's some of the typical things we'll be checking...

  • Site file system / disk usage (including unnecessary file storage)
  • Database audit - checking for bloat, performance, auto-loaded data
  • Live traffic analysis - identifying potential bottlenecks, or issues which may cause problems if your traffic increases
  • Check for correct installation of Google Analytics
  • Check for optimal/correct property integration with Google Search Console
  • Error log/PHP log analysis - checking for any recurring errors which may be going on behind the scenes
  • Internal WordPress healthcheck notices resolution
  • PHP version checks
  • Plugin audit - checking for unnecessary plugins, or plugins which double up functionality
  • WordPress hardening and security checks to ensure you're as secure as possible
  • Verifying correct implementation of SSL
  • Verifying existing site redirects in place
  • Verification of optimal caching configuration
  • Service/certificate expiry statuses

This list above is NOT exhaustive. More checks and work will be done as needed depending on our findings and you'll receive a full report after the initial fact-finding is done and before any modifications are done. Likewise, if you yourself are aware of any recurring or occasional issues you experience then do let us know and we can troubleshoot these too.

The goal is to offer a fully comprehensive, adaptive, fluid approach to fully optimizing the health of your site, enabling you to hit the ground running well into 2021.

  • Full Back-end Health Check - One Time

    Full, comprehensive back-end health check Yes

    Resolution of detected issues Yes

    Report after initial diagnosis Yes

    Number of audits 1 (to be scheduled, usually within 21 days from order time)

    $299.99 USD One Time
  • Full Back-end Health Check - 1 year of checks, once per quarter

    Full, comprehensive back-end health check Yes

    Resolution of detected issues Yes

    Report after initial diagnosis Yes

    Number of checks 4 (once per quarter for one year. First audit to be scheduled within 21 days of order, then every 3 months after this).

    $899.99 USD One Time