WPopt has teamed up with WP Stagecoach to offer staging site capabilities to the hosting line-up.

1) Simply sign-up for the staging add-on under your account - log in to your account at https://wpopt.net and click on "Products". Select your hosting account and click add-ons on the right, or go directly here: https://wpopt.net/cart?gid=addons
2) Download the WP Stagecoach plugin from the product add-on page
3) Upload and activate the plugin. In the settings page you'll see some options about whether you wish to password-protect the staging site (recommended) and what the address should be. Then simply click the "ride the stagecoach" button and your staging site will be deployed.

From there, you can simply work on your staging site at the new address, completely independently of the "live" site and when you're done, merging changes back could not be easier. Simply visit the plugin page in your dashboard once more and you'll see options there to import changes.

Check out the knowledgebase for more details!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

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