It's been a while since any official announcements. Things have been fairly quiet but I wanted to share some of the latest news and updates with you.


WordPress in cPanel

cPanel's "WordPress Manager" feature is being deprecated, but their new replacement, the WordPress Toolkit looks very exciting. The full version has many incredible features, including robust staging functionality. We're going to be all over that as soon as it is available and hope to widely release it to all our customers as soon as possible.


Database updates

Much of our infrastructure is already running MariaDB 10.3, although some instances remain with version 10.1. We're going to be finishing the updates for this in the next few days - if you're affected by any such update you should receive a mail soon.


A new product...

We often get requests around this time of year, and going into the new year for a certain service - stay tuned for that because we're going to be offering such a service this year!


Other than that, I sincerely hope everyone, be they customers with us or not, is staying safe and well through these unfortunate times in the world right now!



Sunday, November 1, 2020

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